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911 Tribute

Subzero Presents: A Tribute to 911!
A special guest will be announced a month before the event!
Sept 10th, 11th, 12 2004
Price:22 ADV/more at door (Presales are available at
Fusion O2 Oxygen Bar
Conneaut Lake Park
Camping info see below or
or if you perfer a Hotel Look at the end of this post
Noon-midnight or longer
vendors email
All ages
Also Rides will be operating for an additional Fee
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Subzero Presents: A Tribute to 911!
A special guest will be announced a month before the event!
Sept 10th, 11th, 12 2004
Price:22 ADV/more at door (Presales are available at
Fusion O2 Oxygen Bar
Conneaut Lake Park
Camping info see below or
or if you perfer a Hotel Look at the end of this post
Noon-midnight or longer
vendors email
All ages
Also Rides will be operating for an additional Fee
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Faust & Shortee

(Future Primitive Sound, Playboy, Eyekiss Films, Tribal Gear, Soulmate Records),
From Hip-Hop, Breaks & Turntablist trick sets to bangin’ funky House to crushing stateside Drum & Bass scratched to perfection; Faust & Shortee have rocked stages from coast to coast & awed masses worldwide. Faust made history with the release of the first full-length, all-scratching album in history, the critically lauded Man Or Myth, & was ranked as one of the top turntablists in the world by Spin Magazine. Poised as Playboy’s official tour DJ for their 50th anniversary tour & scratch diva for the Playboy Superbowl parties, DJ Shortee has been ranked in URB’s next 100, the only female to win the Fever/Buzz Battle of the DJs (Washington DC -1997), released the only solo female turntablist album ever (“The Dreamer” – 1999) & has been acknowledged as one of the most diverse & technically skilled female DJs in the world. The duo’s solo & joint albums have earned them critical acclaim in major publications like Muzik, Spin, URB, Remix, Rolling Stone, DJ Times etc., along with their music featured on MTV, NBC, CNN & ESPN. Faust & Shortee’s contributions to the art of Scratching & Beat-Juggling solidified them a spot in the groundbreaking documentary SCRATCH and they’ve been seen rockin the decks on HBO, VH1, Cinimax, Encore, NBC, Sundance & more. Active members of Future Primitive Sound Collective, they’ve also released a soundtrack mix for Ubi Soft’s video game “XIII” created using Stanton’s final Scratch & have their own instructional DVD series, Shortee’s DJ 101 & 202. Don’t miss their exclusive performance served up Soulmate style as Faust & Shortee bring it to you live on 4 turntables.


(Mix Connection, IHR, Funktion, Adrenaline AM -Chicago)

****CD RELEASE FOR “HOUSE FUNKTION 5” on Funktion recordings!****

Hailing from the windy city of Chicago, Josh the funky 1 drops an
infectious groove everywhere he performs! His signature blend of funky beats and
wicked scratching skills have made him a in demand artist around the country.
From the decks to the studio, Josh keeps it real with a sound that demands
you to get up and dance! Having worked with Bad Boy Bill on the Bangin the Box
series and Bangin in London, as well as producing his own House
Funktion series, Josh has made his mark on audiences around the world. Get
ready for one of the sickest sets of the night as Josh drops the funk bomb on

(H2oH recordings, Dub Base, AC Hardcorps, Topaz, Kryptic, Underground
Adrenaline AM, GSP - NYC)

****RECORD RELEASE for "NOWHERE TO HIDE!" on H2oH recordings!****
****RECORD RELEASE for "THE REVOLUTION 2" on AC Hardcorps!****

Straight out of New York City,we bring you one of the hardest dj's on
the planet, DJ Exodus! Having witnessed the 9/11 tragedy first hand, and
loosing 3 of his closest friends in the attacks, this event has special meaning for
him. Rocking out since the early 1990's, Exodus has continued to
dominate the industry with release after release and a non stop touring schedule
which has taken him to Poland, Italy, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, all
over the USA and more, having performed to crowd's of over 30,000+ people!!
Bangin Hardhouse/Hardcore and rediculous turntablism dexterity is what
you can come to expect when seeing Exodus rock the decks! Recent releases
with H2OH, AC/HC, DUB BASE, and many more have been receiving play by some
of the hardest hitter's in the industry around the globe. As a performer,
Exodus' non stop bass assault of foundation rocking ultra-hard
hardhouse/hardcore and insane scratching skills continues to amaze crowds and win over fans where ever he performs! Strictly for the hard, on this day in memory of the 9/11 tragedy, Exodus will be dropping a very memorable set, so get ready to participate and make this one of the most talked about sets of the
night! Through unity and strength we will prevail and overcome... KEEP IT

(H2oH recordings, Dub Base, AC Hardcorps, Adrenaline AM - NYC)
One of the fastest rising Hardstyle & Hardcore dj/producers in the
country, Hellstorm is on a path which cannot be denied! Working side by side and
touring with Exodus, Hellstorm’s quickly becoming a force to be
reckoned with! With multiple releases on H2oH, AC Hardcorps, Dub Base and more, His productions have made it into the boxes of some of the hardest dj’s on
the planet! Get ready for an hardstyle and hardcore assault which will
bring down the house!

Dirty Ol'Frank-Fused Artist Management, NY
Dirty Ol' Frank’s DJing schedule is crazy with him being in more places than he's ever imagined and playing in front of the biggest crowds in North America. As well as being an accomplished DJ, Frank is also a producer par excellence, having completed his newest track “The Calling” written & produced
by Dirty Ol’ Frank released on DJ Venom's Straight Bangin 3 and pushed by Topaz Records NYC. Dirty Ol’ Frank has firmly established himself as a DJ in the USA. His passion, drive and enthusiasm for the music means that his reputation precedes him and this is reflected in his demand as an artist all over the nation.

Columns Of Knowledge and Columns of Knowledge Recordings

Tom Sawyer – Cincinnati, GSP
Currently touring to support his new vinyl releases (yes plural) on the self owned label, AC Hardcorps, you know Tom will be bringing the house down. His ultra-agressive style of U.S. Hardhouse is un matched, come witness why.

(Top Notch, Tilted Reality , Morbid Dream, Adrenaline AM - NYC)
Prepare to be treated to the verbal insanity which is MC ETC! Having
blessed the mic for such huge DNB icons like Goldie, Shy FX, Usual Suspects,
DJ SS, DJ Rap, Klute, Bailey, DJ Dopey (2004 dmc champion), Odi, Datcyde, Pish
Posh, Empress, Reid Speed, DB, Dara, and countless others... Tonight
ETC is stepping up to the plate as the host for the evening , dropping lyrical
flow all over the place, be ready for the rudeboy sound comin through ya

MC Akira-DC

(Azure Records / Chromagnon / Heavy Industries / BerettaMusic / Funkshun-Indianapolis ) Techno

Rob Rage
(Digital Sensations and Multiple Eargazm-C-Bus) Techno

(, Paradox Ent., Drive It Like Ya Stole It, Underground-Maine) Hard-Dance

Josh Holiday
(Local 13,D.n B.A.S.F. Records- philly) jungle/ragga

(Goodluck Management-DC) House

(Future Sound(UK) C-Bus) UKHH/Techno

Billy B
(GSP Entertainment, Subzero Productions - Columbus) Hard house

Miles Christan
(Subliminal Criminals,Dubplate Mag,audioconflict, Subzero Productions-Berlin,Chicago) Techno

Lady Foursquare
(Funkshun Productions INC. , UFO Jeans-Louisville,KY) Battle House

Gravitron Girl
(Columbus-Avarice Prod., Multiple Eargazm Prod. , URU)DNB

Jea Leigh
(control the night, Koala tea-Cleveland) DNB

Shan Tran
(Subzero Productions - Pittsburgh; Subliminal Criminals - Chicago) Jungle

Miss Trance
(Subzero Productions-Pittsburgh) Trance

DJ Shan
(Subzero Productions-Pittsburgh) Funky House

DJ Daddy
(45mm,Subzero Productions-Toledo) Hard House

Gannon VS Josh Perry
(GSP Entertainment - Cincinnati)

(SAE,URU - Columbus) Speed Garage

(SAE-Columbus) DNB

(Columbus-Avarice Prod.)DNB

Duke Armstrong
(Columbus-Avarice Prod.) House

Funky Monk
(Substation Productions,Goodwill-Toledo) Breaks

DJ Meghan
(Goahead Productions -Cleveland) Psytrance

Dj Funkin 28
(Sixfeet underground Productions-Toledo) Funky Breaks

(Breakbeat Militia-Cleveland) Breaks

Mark Alan
(IOC Productions, Level Line Media-Columbus) Progressive Trance

Neil Jaye
(IOC Productions, Level Line Media-Columbus) Hi-NRG Trance, Tech Trance

Dj Dala
(Basis Productions-Dayton) Booty House

(Textbook Productions, Steel Arm Records-Indy) Ragga-jungle/Jungle

(Stampede Entertainment - Columbus) Happy Hardcore

(DE-Sub Zero Production) Hard House

Infinite Grey
(Cincinnati) Live Pa


(State College-Frontline Management) Trance/house

(WV-Booty Basics and SubZero Productions) Trance/Techno

Michael Roebuck
(Charleston, WV) house


The money that is made from this event is going to widows of fall FDNY. I had a friend who's husband was in the FDNY and was killed so this charity is very important to me!The charity that we are giving the money to is the following:
More to be announce!





Playland Campground-1-814-425-7313


Hotel Conneaut-(Inside the park) 6-ppl room $130-Double bed is 50-single is 40
Look at for the hotels number.

Sunset View Motel-1-814-382-8631

Seymour Ducks Inn-1-814-382-0606

McKinley Adams' Motel-1-814-382-0182

Irish Cove-1-814-382-3045

Fairway 12- 1-814-382-5775

Just Sleep Inn-1-814-382-8246

Hotel Info: About 10 mins away

Holiday Inn Express-1-814-724-6012

Days Inn-1-814-337-42-64

Meade Inn-1-814-337-1311

Motel 6 1-814-724-6366

Super 8 1-814-333-8883

Towne & Contry Motel-1-814-724-6082

Special thanks: GSP Crew, SAE, URU, Miles,Melly Mel,Lisa, Lady foursquare, Billy B, P58, Scott, six feetundaground crew,9mm,texbook productions, Subliminal criminals, Infinite grey, Nate FX, J-dub, My crew in Las Vegas, Jessica, Duke,Ron,Ryan, Jon, Beth, ,New Enlgand rave union,Neru,Drive it like ya stole it,and all the kids who support us from Chitown,NYC, Columbus,natti, Cleveland, Maine, Pittisburgh, Toledo, Louisville,Indy and all minor cities around!
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