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Michigan ravers and others


If you know someone or are in the Michigan party scene and you were at club whats next in Flint for the party "Getting Lucky" Please send a copy of your ticket or other charges to this E-mail address.

If you were there and saw drug planting on party goers by the police please inform the E-mail adress above or isntant message the name rabddbit on AIM.

It is vital that we not allow the Flint police to bully us and try and railroad us around to the point where we forget what our rights are.

Club Whats Next is a legal club and for those of you who were there *some of you for the FIRST time* who recived the frequenting a drug house ticket its important that you see that this is a far reach from the truth and mockery of justice to the furthest extent.

Please, by all means, make people aware of the atrocity that has taken place. Post this in your own journals because this isnt just about Michigan ravers, or the 130 people there that night, its about us all and our rights.
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