Sarah Anne (miniaturize) wrote in midwestravers,
Sarah Anne

Turn table and mixer

I bought it for 400, selling for 50. Numark Pro SM 1, Nearly perfect condition, aside from a couple minor scratches on tne brass from moving. The sound is still prjected as it wads the day I bought it. It's wonderful for a beginer, Made things very smooth for me when I started out. Much better than the mixers from the dj in a boy kits, and a better deal. Also have two vintage digital-style technic turntables, selling one. 70. Needle included.

Gotta get my prom dress. Got invited pretty last minute, so I gotta sell this stuff in the next week. So if anyone here spins or wants something to jam to their vinyl with.. Hit me up. Either comment or email me @ or califxrnia on aim.

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